Taking OOH to another level: TOMI launched in Lisbon

First digital advertising and information technology network launched in Lisbon by MOP

Last week the Portuguese OOH operator MOP launched its first network advertising and information technology launched in Lisbon. – the TOMI.

TOMI (Total Outofhome Media Interactive) is an urban interactive device for both indoor and outdoor use. With almost 3 years in research & development it is continuingly being adjusted to it’s main goal – satisfying citizen and tourist’s needs when circulating out of home.

Created by TOMIWorld and now launched in Portugal in partnership with MOP, TOMI is an elegant piece of urban furniture with state of the art modern design in its hardware and software and planned within the context of contemporary architecture in crowded areas such as transportation stations and historical and shopping areas.

Different form other platforms throughout the world it combines state of the art design and technology with the main goal of being relevant to the out of home experience – its content reflects the needs of the citizen and tourist when circulating ooh.

It is a giant tablet that allows users to access information 24 hours a day and its main focus is the tourist and/or the visitor, providing an agenda, a directory of the city (where to stay, where to eat, to visit etc), a public transportation guide and a local news section, all of these updated in real time. With its embedded algorithm each TOMI gives the information based on it’s localization (giving privilege to near by news, events etc) meaning each Tom is “different” from any other. TOMI also provides extra features such as taking a picture with a frame customized according to the place or event and then sending it through e-mail (a selfie!!).

Every contact with all piece of content and information is interactive through a touch screen and may be shared through mail or each person’s smartphone and therefore extending the “user experience of the TOMI platform”.

All this combining “traditional” digital out of home advertising (digital animated posters) with multiple other possibilities that the platform allows (interactivity, content creation with various technology tools, point to point advertising vs integrated networking ads, native advertising, etc).

The first “TOMI network” launched in the Subway of Lisbon and it was embraced by the transportation authority as well as the city municipality: “it brings an extra and crucial positive value to the relationship we have with MOP as the equipment is focused in the citizen as it gives useful information for the passenger in motion” Luis Barroso member of the Subway of Lisbon management, said.


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